MSCS security and safety review not open to public, district says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In the wake of the deadly shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, attention is directed to safety measures being taken at schools in the Bluff City.

As FOX13 continues its quest to learn how safe our students are, we reached out to the Memphis-Shelby County Schools District to request its latest security review conducted by former Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong.

FOX13 Investigates: How safe are students within Memphis-Shelby County Schools?

The review was conducted following a shooting at Cummings K-8 Optional School in September 2021.

The district released the following statement Wednesday:

“Due to the confidential nature of the Local Educational Agency security assessment, MSCS is prohibited from disclosing details of the review.”

In an April 14 interview with MSCS Director of Security, Carolyn Jackson, we requested more information about plans to improve the security of its campuses.

“I know you want, probably, some details on how we do things, how we deploy manpower, but for the safety of our kids we just don’t get into our strategies, our operation plans, because we don’t want anyone to circumvent what we’re planning to keep our kids safe,” said Jackson.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the Uvalde shootings, the last day of school for MSCS looms. The district said its security team continues to put safety first.

According to the statement, its security staff works around the clock monitoring district offices and schools. They are also partnering with local law enforcement. Additionally, the district unveiled several safety measures being taken to keep its student body and staff safe.

This includes some of the following safety investments:

  • $300,000+ for new metal detectors
  • $550,000+ to upgrade wiring for alarm, cameras and card readers
  • $600,000+ for cameras
  • $2.2 million for additional security technology, pending board approval

MSCS also offers two anonymous options to report and assist with crime prevention.

To submit a tip go to, search for Shelby County Schools.

You can also text “SCS” to 274637. The system will provide a tip code and password.

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Communities all across the country are now initiating conversations about safety.

“They are helpless nothing they can do but just sit here and be shot down,” said Diane Sanders.

Sanders has loved ones who attend Cummings K-8 Optional School. She reflects on the tragedy that happened closer to home,on September 30 of last year, when a 13-year-old entered the South Memphis campus toting a gun and shooting a fellow classmate.

“I just thought it was too careless. It’s not enough protection for the children,” said Sanders.