Multiple residents at Mid-South apartment complex receive eviction notices

WYNNE, Ark. — Ashley Parker said living at the Bridges Street Apartments in Wynne, Arkansas has been filled with frustration.

“Oh my God. I’m so stressed out,” Parker said. “I’m just very stressed out. I don’t even know what to do right now.”

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She said, for almost two years, her apartment has had mold, a damaged front door and no fire detectors.

And now, Parker said she’s facing eviction.

“I have never missed a payment of rent,” she said. “I’m tired of them not fixing anything so I decided to withhold my rent so I can get the yard cut, the mold out my home, my door fixed. Because I feel unsafe.”

Parker said he received the eviction notice on July 1st, but she isn’t the only one.

She said out of the 24 units, probably 15 have eviction notices and maintenance issues.

There isn’t a leasing office on the site, which is owned by Innovative Realty, based in Bryant.

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Parker said she’s put in countless service requests, but nothing gets done.

“I had a water leak for six months,” she said. “I got it fixed myself. I was asking did you call the water people. I didn’t come here for that. Like really? That’s how you talk to me?”

FOX13 reached out to Innovative Realty but they haven’t returned our calls.

According to Arkansas law, landlords aren’t required to provide additional maintenance to units when they’re rented.

It also states that if repairs aren’t made, tenants should still pay rent.

Parker said she has to be out by today, but she isn’t going anywhere.

“Only thing I can do is try to keep a smile on my face and let my kids know that ain’t going nowhere,” she said. “We gonna fight. My kids understand the word fight. We gonna fight to stay we’re we supposed to go. We’re not going nowhere.”