Murdered on Facebook Live: Memphis grandmother killed after shots fired at neighborhood ‘girl fight’

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis grandmother was shot and killed this weekend as cameras captured the entire incident.

She was in her front yard, holding a baby when a girl fight down the road turned into a shooting.

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FOX13’s Winnie Wright went to the Frayser neighborhood and learned that the murder was captured on Facebook Live.

The family told us what started as a group of girls fighting in the street on Knob Dr. ended with an innocent bystander losing their life.

A group of women argued across the street at each other when a red SUV pulled up and you heard the tone of the woman narrating change.

“Dang, y’all,” a woman said. “They just pulled up.”

The narrator and several other women jump in a nearby car and circle the block when they see a woman has been shot on the corner.

Frantically, they called 911.

“This lady just died,” they said. “I swear to god, they just shot her. Oh, god. I didn’t mean for this ‘bleep’ to happen.”

The family told us the woman shot and killed was 55-year-old Patricia Draper Bryant.

They said she was standing in her yard holding her great grandbaby when the fight broke out.

We spoke with Mr. Bryant, but he could not interview with us on-camera, because he was on his way to the funeral home.

He wanted to make a point to tell us right in their yard, the corner of their home, is where he held his wife as she took her last breath.

According to court records, 19-year-old Bernautica McClure, was seen in the video wearing a black security uniform, was armed with a knife when she and 28-year-old Debra Prettie allegedly tried to break out the windows at the home of another woman.

The affidavit said Prettie confessed she called Darrell Peterson, who later showed up at the home and shot at the victims and hit Patricia Bryant in the chest.

McClure is charged with aggravated assault.

Prettie is charged with facilitation of a felony and second-degree murder.

Peterson is wanted for second-degree murder.

If you have any information about where he is, contact Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.