NAACP calls for expedited inquiry into woman’s arrest

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Branch of the NAACP called for an expedited inquiry into a woman’s arrest.

Van Turner, President of the Memphis Branch of the NAACP, wrote a letter to Sheriff Floyd Bonner after the video of Kesha Gray’s arrest spread through social media.

In an incident report filed, officers stopped Gray to talk her after witness described a woman who was beaten up and they thought it was a kidnapping.

The incident report also details a witness who spotted a man putting a woman in a headlock “dragging the woman towards the vehicle, punching her and choking her.”

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The affidavit stated Gray’s fiance called deputies to report a case of domestic violence between the two of them.

The affidavit never mentioned the violence a witness reported to deputies in the incident report.

In the letter, Turner said, “it appears that Ms. Gray was the victim of a crime and unfortunately it appears that she was victimized again for not participating in an investigating officer’s investigation.”