NAACP to hold vaccination event in South Memphis Saturday

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis city leaders teamed up with health care leaders and the NAACP’s local branch to announce a massive vaccine event this weekend.

It’s free and open to everyone in the South Memphis community, ages 18 and up. The hope is this will not only help educate people in communities like South Memphis, but it will help reach people who simply can’t get out and get a vaccine.

President of the Memphis Branch of the NAACP, Van Turner, says he’s grateful to bring this opportunity to people who so desperately need it.

“This is our effort on behalf of the NAACP being able to work with this South Memphis to have vaccinations come to them instead of asking them to get to the vaccination sites,” Turner said.

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Shot RX is coming to the South Memphis community to provide the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines to people ages 18 and up if they want them.

“We have to go to where people are,” said Dr. Ted Lyons. “It’s one thing to ask people to come where the sites are, but it’s something else when we are getting out in the community, and we are talking to people. We are educating them, and then they decide that moment, that day, that they want to go ahead and get the vaccination.”

For 24 years, Dr. Lyons has helped people on the front lines. He’s even trained other pharmacists to give vaccinations in the Bluff City and across the country. He knows the importance of reaching communities like South Memphis.

“We have to come to where folks are,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what the community is, what the demographic is. We need to be in the communities fostering trust, fostering enthusiasm to go ahead pull up, and get vaccinated. If we do this in Memphis, we can get back to some sense of normalcy, but we have to come together pull together and pull up Memphis.”

Mid-South doctors say they hope bringing the vaccine to people who actually can’t get out and get it will move Memphis one step closer to herd immunity.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is just one dose, but Moderna and Pfizer vaccines need two doses. Dr. Lyons says the follow-up to get that second shot is crucial.

The event is this Saturday from 8 a.a. to 4 p.m. in the parking lot of Greater Love Miracle Center Church, located at 585 Vance Avenue, right across from the Memphis Branch of the NAACP.

No appointments are necessary.