Native Memphian braces for Hurricane Sally in Florida

WATCH: Native Memphian braces for Hurricane Sally in Florida

SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla. — Watching the Florida Coast brace for another storm is nothing new for Memphis native Ronnie Lee. He has lived in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. for the last 6 years. It’s also not the first time he’s stayed put during a storm making it through Hurricane Michael.

He told FOX13 he is prepared.

“That is the thing about being down here on the panhandle, there is only one way in and only one way out, so it’s difficult to evacuate, but you’ve gotta be ready if they tell you to go,” said Lee.

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Lee told FOX13 the ones in danger are people only there to say they “survived the storm.”

“It’s the travelers that are down here, they want to continue their vacation," he said. "They want to say they survived the storm and even though it’s the off-season there is a lot of people that are down here right now.”

Taylor Schofield grew up in this area and he and his family own several properties in Santa Rosa Beach.

“Right now the water levels are so high that you can not actually walk on the beach," Schofield said. "There is no beach anymore, the ocean is completely covering all the sand.”

He said he is prepared and cautious, ready to ride out the storm no matter what it may bring,

“We’ve had one of the houses down here for 20 years, all the windows and doors are storm glass so they kind of bend with the wind so nothing shatters,” said Schofield.