Neighborhood Association says temporary speed bumps are working downtown

MEMPHIS, TENN. — If you drive downtown, you may have noticed more temporary speed bumps popping up.

The latest addition of speed bumps are on Front Street as the city continues installing more of them throughout downtown.

The city installed the first set along Riverside Drive back in May after Mayor Jim Strickland and the engineering department approved the improvements.

“I was kind of impressed because I thought they were much needed as well other areas in Memphis,” said driver Brenda Bowen.

The Downtown Neighborhood Association, which pushed for the upgrades, says the speed bumps are working.

Association President Jerred Price said he’d like to see these upgrades stay in place for a while.

“I hope they’re there as long as they need to be until people start saying, ‘hey, we’ve got pedestrians, we’ve got families, we’ve got residents, we’ve got tourists, we really need to make sure that we drive safely throughout our city,” said Price.

And he isn’t the only one. Bowen wants permanent speed bumps in Downtown.

“I thinks it’s a good thing with the high traffic area. You got kids, people on these scooters, bicycles and stuff,” she said.

The city hasn’t told us how long these temporary speed bumps will be here.

Price said they continue to look for ways to improve Downtown Memphis.

He said the next project includes improving parking near Tom Lee Park.