Neighborhood Christian Center operating mobile food pantry 3 days a week

WATCH: Neighborhood Christian Center operating mobile food pantry 3 days a week

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — To help families in need during the COVID-19 outbreak the Neighborhood Christian Center decided to turn their once-a-month food pantry into three days a week.

The center in partnership with the Mid-South Food Bank provided more than 300 families with food in the parking lot of a South Memphis church Monday.

“It’s fabulous. it’s great. It really is,” said one community member.

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Car after car with people inside was just glad to know that there are people who still care.

“I think it is truly a blessing. It’s a blessing to come down and get what you need,” said another community member who received a meal.

Neighborhood Christian Center founder and senior advisor Dr. Joeann Ballard said the NCC staff saw a greater need in the community for food and decided to do something.

“Whenever the need comes up and however it comes up, we just serve the people according to what the need is," Ballard said.

The mobile pantry plans to provide more than 800 more families with groceries this week in different areas of the county.

Ballard said the need for food and other essentials will grow by the day during the COVID-19 outbreak and will push NCC to continue providing services.

"We may not know what the need is going to be tomorrow. We know it's food, but we don't know whether it's children or adults, but we are prepared to serve either one," she said.

“I got my supplies and I am appreciating everything Memphis is doing for us,” one recipient said.

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