Neighbors voice criticisms about private contractor trash

WATCH: Neighbors voice criticisms about private contractor trash

MEMPHIS, Tenn — Contractors are rehabbing homes from east Memphis to Whitehaven, but what happens when those private contractors don’t clean up after their work?

The city can actually take action against a contractor who doesn’t clean up.

One homeowner who spoke with FOX13 said the city needs to be quicker against contractors who don’t follow city code.

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“Pile stuck out here, all the way out into the street, at least out to here and it must have a pile at least 10-12 feet tall,” said homeowner Ron Grabner.

Grabner and another neighbor called 311 to complain.

“I specifically made it clear, crystal clear that it was contractors doing the work,” said Grabner.

FOX13 reached out to the City of Memphis for comment.

A spokesperson emailed the city code that says in part “in the event the contractor fails to remove the cuttings or trash ... the city shall initiate action ...”

Grabner claimed it took two weeks after contacting the city’s 311 hotline to make the contractor clean up the yard debris.

“It is my understanding that the ordinance department is supposed to come out and flag it with green paint and issue a citation,” said Grabner.

A spokesman says Grabner has it right.

A code enforcement employee will notify the contractor and they have a week from that notice to remove the debris. If not the city will haul it away as was done on this street and charge the contractor or homeowner with a fine for cost of labor and equipment.

“With all the homes that are being flipped, rebuilt there is trash going out. Just drive around the neighborhood you are going to see tons of trash out here.”

In this case, according City of Memphis own guidelines, the time frame worked but Mr. Gradner is still not happy.

Although the city did clean up the yard debris and charge the contractor, another pile of yard debris was left on the side walk which is against code. It means code enforcement will be back out again and the process continues.