New company takes over Memphis apartment complex leaving family frustrated

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Mickey Hutson is frustrated.

“I have a full U-Haul,” Hutson said. “No place to stay, except a hotel.”

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Hutson said he and his wife were supposed to move their son into his new apartment Thursday at The Vale off Walnut Grove.

But, to their surprise, they were denied.

Hutson said they were told his son and his roommate couldn’t move in until next week.

The reasoning? Hutson said they were told the complex just got taken over by a new company, causing confusion.

“They said that they took possession of the company today,” he said. “The old company last week never returned any phone calls. The new owners say they have no paperwork from the old company. So, nobody’s in the system.”

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FOX13 walked into The Vale’s leasing office and asked to speak with the property manager but was told they couldn’t speak today.  But they did say others also had the same problem.

FOX13 also called Unified Residential Management, which owns The Vale and left a message but didn’t hear back.

Hutson said the apartment management told them they’re sorry but there isn’t much they can do with the apartment going through renovations.

“I have two emails that my son and his roommate have received that said today was move-in day,” he said. “They even welcomed him this morning on July 1 at 5:47 in an email to join the apartment community online with all the other residents.”

Now, Hutson and his family have to unload the UHUAL, put his son’s items in storage before starting the moving process over again next week.

“I know it’s a large complex,” he said. “I even asked if they could give us a place just to store the stuff there. Their explanation was that we’re new to the property. We don’t know if where there would be a storage facility or anything opening so that we could put your materials and your belongings there.”