New drama involving murder of Lorenzen Wright as twin sons speak out for first time

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There’s new drama involving the murder of Lorenzen Wright, the former NBA and University of Memphis basketball player.

ESPN’s “E60″ talked exclusively to Sherra Wright from prison Wednesday night in a special called “A Murder in Memphis.”

The sports network also talked to Lorenzen Wright’s twin sons who said they believe their mother is innocent of murdering their father 11 years ago this month.

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This was the first time Wright’s sons have spoken about the night their mother was arrested in California driving back from one of their games with them in the car and how it left them scared.

FOX13′s Greg Coy went to Oxford, Mississippi to talk to Lorenzen’s mother, Deborah Marion about the new interview.

Sherra Wright told ESPN that she is innocent, a victim of domestic abuse. She accused her own cousin, Jimmy Martin, of killing her ex-husband Lorenzen Wright.

Martin is the person who led authorities to find the murder weapon in a lake in 2018.

Deborah Marion called those accusations blatant lies.

Marion is fighting back, refuting every accusation by Sherra Wright, the ex-wife of Lorenzen Wright who pleaded guilty to facilitation to commit murder.

Wright, speaking from prison, told ESPN that her late ex-husband was blackmailing Martin who Wright claims was selling drugs for Lorenzen.

“My cousin orchestrated all of this,” Sherra Wright told ESPN E60. “You can basically put the gun in his hand.”

Marion said Sherra Wright is lying to protect herself and Billy Turner, the man arrested for her son’s murder.

“Anybody who believes that can stand on their head, Marion said. “She trying to make like a big gangster. Why don’t they police know?”


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In the special, we hear from Lorenzen Wright’s two youngest children, twin boys, Lamar and Shamar, now playing college basketball on the same team.

In the E60 special they claim to have witnessed their father abusing their mother when they were children.

“I know he was not happy with himself when he did that,” Lamar Wright told ESPN.

It’s an allegation Marion has heard before and has denied repeatedly including this new one from her youngest grandson.

“I love them dearly, but I have placed them with the good Lord, and I know he is going to make it work for them,” she said. “But it is what it is. My son is dead. He was murdered and we will never see him again.”

Marion said she is ready for when the trial will start in January for Billy Turner, charged with killing her son.

When asked if she is ready to hear the accusations against her son of abuse, and other tawdry claims, Marion said, “All I need is God and a glass of water. I will be ready.”