New program would relocate victims and witnesses while criminal cases are pending

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A new plan to relocate victims and witnesses while criminal cases are pending could lead to fewer murders going unsolved.

Monday, Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich joined several community leaders at Greater Imani Church in Raleigh to announce the 901 Witness Relocation Assistance Program.

The program is still in its early phase, but Pastor Bill Adkins of Greater Imani Church is teaming up with several community leaders to make it safer for witnesses to speak out.

Atkins wanted to get involved because 8-year-old Jordyn Washington, an innocent bystander from his congregation, became the 31st child killed in Memphis last year.

“Jordyn was killed by a stray bullet while helping her mom cook dinner in their kitchen,” Adkins said. “I wondered why our community was so quiet while blood flowed on our streets like rivers.”

Cases like this led to several community leaders announcing plans for the 901 Witness Relocation Assistance Program.

“We cannot achieve justice in the courtrooms unless and until members of the community are willing and able to step up, and if people are crippled by fear, they’re unable to take action,” said Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich.

The program is still in the development phase, but the goal is to move witnesses to safer areas, so they don’t have to worry about threats and intimidation they may face in their current community. Organizers say the only way the program can work is with your donations.

“The church that I pastor, Greater Imani Church, is donating $10,000 to start the program. We need contributions from concerned citizens, other churches, other businesses, and corporations,” said Adkins.

“By doing this, by implementing this, it will make the criminals’ actions very uncomfortable, and it will reduce the crime in this city,” said Lt. Thurman Richardson with the Memphis Police Department.

Richardson is one of the key leaders behind this. Memphis Police Chief C.J. Davis was there, too.

To donate to the WRAP program, click here and scroll down where it says donate now and be sure to reference that you are giving to WRAP. 


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