New speed bumps installed on Riverside Drive

Memphis.Tenn. — Cars are slowing down on Riverside Drive, thanks to new speed bumps on the road.

For months, the Downtown Neighborhood Association begged the city to make safety improvements designed to save lives and create a safer roadway for pedestrians and cyclists.

FOX13 reported back in April that some community members expressed concerns about the road.

The installations come after Mayor Strickland and City’s engineering department approved the improvements.

More upgrades are on the way as well as the riverfront continues to be renovated.

The additional changes will include crosswalks with flashing lights for safety and about 60 parking spots.

The project will heavily slow traffic in the area.

Downtown Neighborhood Association thanked the city of Memphis and Mayor Strickland for their support.

“It seems to be working with traffic slowing down,” said Jerred Price, the President of the Downtown Neighborhood Association. “You don’t have the hot rodding going on.”

He said several people who live downtown complained about drag racing and a lack of safety measures on Riverside Drive.

“It’s designed as a four-lane road with hardly any stoplights. You know, there are maybe 3 or 4 at the core, but once you get past Beale Street, it is a free-for-all,” said Price.

Price said people became really concerned back in March when a 13-year-old girl was shot in the stomach while riding a scooter on Riverside Drive.

Police said she was caught in the crossfire when people in a car and a truck opened fire on each other.

“They were able to speed away,” said Price. “Well, now it’s going to be a whole lot harder for cars to speed away. Even when police officers are pulling people over on Riverside Drive, they can no longer speed away.”

Price said the speed bumps are a step in the right direction, but he’s not done. He also wants crosswalk signals in place for people.

“We really wanted to focus on Riverside, getting it reopen, making it safer, and we hope that we can even press towards having the crosswalk’s signal when they finally redo Tom Lee Park and Riverside Drive,” said Price.

Price said he also hears complaints about speeding and drag racing on Front Street. He wants the city to put speed bumps there too.