New Tennessee license plate supports Equity Alliance

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Starting this fall, you’ll see a new license plate option online, an all-black tag with white letters.

The plate is more than just a cool look. The meaning behind it speaks volumes.

The tag represents the Equity Alliance, a statewide non-profit that has worked to educate and mobilize Black Tennesseans on politics, money, and human rights.

“We’re in the state of Tennessee to make sure that Black folks get what they deserve, and we’re here to revolutionize our communities,” said communications director Jessica Williams.

Williams said designing a new license plate is just another way to show solidarity.

“We went through a couple different designs, and we settled on the one that was simple but spoke so much. It has our Equity Alliance ‘E’ at the top; it’s all black, the letters are in white,” said Williams.

She said they launched the campaign to a thousand pre-orders for the license plate on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 30. Since then, it’s gained traction across the state.

“We had a goal of getting to a thousand pre-ordered in order to get the license plates into production, and as of today, we’re at 1,380,” she said.

So what’s the next step? Williams said people can still pre-order for $35 up until June 1.

“You’ll have a blackout period where you’re not able to order the license plate for about 2-3 months, and after that, your county clerk will call you and let you know your license plate is ready to be picked up,” said Williams.

Williams said there’s still time to show support, and a large chunk of the proceeds will help them continue to spread their mission.

“Our mission is to unapologetically build independent Black political and economic power. We do that by mobilizing and educating Black folks to take action and keep the government in check.”

Williams said along with the license plate, people can learn more about the voting happening in their local and state governments and get information on where they can vote and info on each candidate running for office.

To pre-order your license plate and learn more about the Equity Alliance, CLICK HERE.