No water means no heat as apartment’s boiler system needs water to function

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — MLGW says stop washing your car, limit your dishwasher cycles and washing your clothes. The quicker folks conserve water, the quicker the city of Memphis’s water supply will get back up and running, a spokesperson said.

Mallory Lynch told FOX13 this is the second time in two months she has been in the cold. No heat in her building makes for miserable conditions for her and her two dogs, Asher and Cooper.

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“The lowest I observed in my apartment that it got down to was in the high 30s in my apartment indoors over the past week to 10 days,” said Lynch.

She finally packed up and went to her friend’s apartment at another complex run by the same management company, only to find they were without water.

”Nothing from the sink. Not even a trickle,” Lynch said.

“I went to some friends who live in the Washburn building managed by the same property management company, and I stayed there for a couple of nights. All of a sudden, their water completely stopped,” said Lynch.

Lynch went up on the roof and took a video of what she saw.  

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“One of the big containers, I don’t know if it’s HVAC or what, but one of the big contraptions on the roof, water just gushing out and pooling up. There was a flood of stagnant water on the roof,” said Lynch.

FOX13 reached out to the Alpha Residential Management Company. They issued a statement reading in part, “The boiler system at Number 10 Main is operated by water. For the boiler system to function, it needs water constantly flowing at a specific pressure. Our boiler system is currently receiving low-pressure water from the city’s main water supply, which has affected the boiler system’s operation.”

Since FOX13′s involvement, Lynch says communication with the management company seems better. Now she just hopes the issues will get better.  

The Alpha Management Company is also offering money to help the residents get a hotel room if they choose and say they’ll help tenants find space heaters.  

We are also told two plumbers are working on the boilers to get the heat and water back once they are able.