Nonprofit encourages homeownership in Orange Mound

WATCH: Nonprofit encourages homeownership in Orange Mound

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There is valuable land in Orange Mound and people who own their home should stay right where they are.

That’s why community leaders bought an advertisement on a billboard with a powerful message encouraging people not to sell their land to developers.

Orange Mound is the first Black neighborhood in the country built by Black people.

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“Established in 1890, so as far as any Memphian is concerned, if you’re a Black person in Memphis you have connection and ties to Orange Mound,” Britney Thornton said.

Orange Mound is the area between Cooper Young, Liberty Park, and parts of East Memphis.

It’s literally gridlocked in an area that is in the works to be booming in the next three to five years.

Britney Thornton is the founder of Juice Orange Mound, a business incubator and community development nonprofit.

Thornton told FOX13 she’s heard stories of how people in Orange Mound have been asked by developers to sell their homes.

“They call, they text, they send mail. they are showing up at doors," Thornton said. "They are pretty aggressive in Orange Mound right now trying to get land from people who have been tasked with one simple task - to make sure they own their assets and keep building wealth through the land that they own.”

Thornton says she and the Juice Board of Directors decided to get the message out using a billboard to tell people not to sell their homes.

“We can’t let that happen," said Thorton. "So we wanted to make sure that the billboard was in a prominent place and people got the message loud and clear.”

She says with so much talk of Downtown Memphis and Midtown expanding, she wants homeowners in Orange Mound to know there is a pipeline to wealth with homeownership right where they are.

“We want people to know with assurance where they are in this future development conversation and phase. And just from my personal experience of doing on the ground work. That’s not something people know with assurance,” Thornton said.

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