North Mississippi hospital reopens after shutting down 5 years ago

MARKS, Miss. — A ribbon-cutting Friday morning signaled the grand re-opening of a hospital in North Mississippi.

Several small Mississippi hospitals have closed in recent years, but the Quitman County Community Hospital is one of the few to reopen. FOX13 was there for the reopening and talked to community members about why this critical care facility is so important.

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Until the hospital reopened here in Marks Mississippi, it was A 25-minute drive in either direction to get to a hospital.

The ribbon was cut by state and federal dignitaries after 5 long years of not having a hospital. Out front, Quitman County’s Middle School Choir sang a tune appropriate for the day they sang. “Hold on just a little while longer. Everything will be alright,”

The hospital will offer 24-hour emergency medical care. It has eight beds for now, but the hope is to expand it to 25.

Mark Williams runs a barbershop around the corner. He said it puts him at ease that it has reopened.

”I have a mom who lives here. I live in Batesville and my mom lives in Marks, but it is a great move because if anything was to happen you can take her here in Marks and not go to Clarksdale or Batesville. So I think it’s real good,” Williams said.

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We got a tour of the newly reopened hospital, including the emergency room, and some of the rooms where patients will stay as well as the pharmacy. We also learned it will bring between 75 and 100 good-paying jobs to the county.

Billy Anderson knows what the jobs mean here.

”Yeah, I know a couple of people who work here. As a matter of fact, I worked here years ago. A lot of people lost their job due to the hospital closing down but most of those people are coming back, plus they will be closer to home,” Anderson said.

Environmental Services Manager Melissa Towns said she’s proud to be a part of the hospital opening. “

Being from Panola, this is a great experience I have been part of getting this together. So, people will have somewhere to go. It is a great community. We have people who can walk out of their backdoor and to the hospital,” Towns said.