North Mississippi town welcoming back grocery store, hospital after being shut down for years

QUITMAN CO., MISS — Many of us take living near a hospital or grocery store for granted. But in one Mid-South community, they are vital resources residents have gone without for years.

Five years ago, the hospital in Marks, Mississippi, shut down. Two years later, the local grocery store shut down.

Now, Marks is on the verge of getting them both back. FOX13′s Tom Dees took a look at how this is improving the quality of life in Quitman County.

The hospital that is going to reopen is right across the street from the grocery store.

“Man, at least with a grocery and hospital, we can eat and have our lives being saved.” Tyrone Adams said.

Jeffcoat’s Super Market opened this summer. Federal funds were used to refurbish an old supermarket location. Before the store opened, people had to drive at least 30 minutes to get groceries.

“Oh, groceries and the place is so clean and it’s so nice. I really appreciate that grocery store,” Annie Kimball said. “We had to spend 30 or 40 dollars to get to Batesville or Clarksdale to get groceries now.”

County leaders told FOX13′s Tom Dees that the partnership with Panola Medical would have the old hospital back open by early November. The hospital was the county’s biggest employer, with almost a hundred people when it closed.

Former Marks Mayor Dwight Barfield said all this is a step in the right direction.

“Most of our elderly people are people who don’t have transportation to get to other communities,” Barfield said.