Oakland man waits 124 days for home warranty company to fix air conditioning unit

OAKLAND, Tenn. — After spending a sweltering summer with a broken air conditioner, a Fayette County man worries that his family won’t have heat in time for next week’s cold front.

“I used to have a countdown to Christmas,” Joe Murray told FOX13. “Now, I have a countdown to a working HVAC unit.”

In early June, Murray said his family noticed the air conditioning unit upstairs wasn’t working.

“My expectation going into this was it was going to be a hot June,” Murray explained. “I figured if we made the claim in June, then probably by the fourth of July, it would be fixed.”

Over the next five months, he said First American Home Warranty Corporation sent three contractors to check out the problem. By mid-October, his HVAC unit was still broken.

“It’s been over 124 days now, I think, since the claim has been entered,” he explained. “We’re thinking it’s going to be Christmas by the time we get anything.”

Murray’s biggest frustration was what he described as a lack of communication from the company and contractors.

“We never get phone calls returned, we never get emails answered,” he said. “Then we do, it usually just happens sporadically.”

On Friday, FOX13 asked the home warranty company about the delay. Within three hours, First American contacted Murray and authorized a local company to complete the repairs, according to an email he shared with FOX13.

“Out of respect for the privacy of our customers, First American Home Warranty does not comment on the details of customer claims,” a First American spokesman wrote to FOX13. “However, we contacted this customer and are working towards an appropriate resolution.”

Murray just hopes his heating works before Christmas.

“I’m hoping maybe that will be Santa’s gift to me,” he explained. “A functional HVAC unit that might not leak gas into our house.”