Arrest made after Clarksdale mayor’s window shot at city hall

CLARKSDALE, Miss. — UPDATE as of 6 p.m. 09/15/21

Clarksdale police told FOX13 News that Joseph Pittman, 28, of Clarksdale, was arrested shortly before midnight Tuesday,

Pittman has been charged with felony eluding police, as well as a warrant for misdemeanor stalking and several tickets.


Someone fired into Clarksdale Mayor Chuck Espy’s office over the weekend. A bullet went through a back window in his office.

This happened one month after police said Mayor Espy received a threatening message from a stalker on the phone.

FOX13 spoke to investigators about a possible connection between the two.

Police Chief Robbie Linley said the bullet was fired from a handgun from a westerly direction and was still stuck in the upstairs window of the mayor’s office at city hall when a city employee found it Monday morning.

The mayor was not in his office at the time.

”I think that it might be more than a coincidence that this voice mail was a month ago, and a month later, his office is shot into,” Chief Linley said. “We are looking at the shooting and voicemail as being connected.”

Chief Linley said a month ago, a man named Joseph Pittman left a threatening message on the Mayor’s voice mail. Police have been trying to locate Pittman. He is being charged with stalking.

Mayor Espy supporter Milton Gardner says he thinks he knows the motive behind whoever did this.

”I think that this is more about trying to instill fear into the mayor and his administration,” said Gardner. “Well, from what I know of him, he is not afraid. Of course, he is concerned about his family, and as far as personally, I don’t think so.”

FOX13 has reached out to Mayor Espy for comment on the case. When we hear back from him, this story will be updated.