Officer arrested after allowing inmates to have beer and cigarettes, sheriff says

ARKANSAS — A Parkin police officer is behind bars after allowing two inmates to leave police custody, according to the Cross County Sheriff’s office.

Officer Darrell Crowder, 49, went to the Cross County Detention Center to take 2 inmates to court in Parkin on Oct, 7, officials said.

According to the sheriff, the inmates were wearing uniforms and handcuffed when they left the Detention Center.

After Parkin’s city court was over, the officer took both inmates to one of the inmate’s family’s house, officials said.

According to the sheriff, the inmate was allowed to leave the officer’s custody and go into the house to get some money from a family member.

Officials said, Crowder then took the inmates to a gas station in Parkin. He then allowed one of the inmates to go into the store wearing a jail uniform and handcuffs to purchase beer, and cigarettes.

Crowder escorted the inmate back to his car and waited for a person to bring the second inmate more cigarettes and tobacco before taking them back to the county jail, officials said

On their way back to the Detention Center, the officer allowed the inmates to drink the beer and then throw the empty can out of the car and smoke cigarettes after being told to not inform the Detention Center of their actions, deputies said.

The Cross County Sheriff’s Office completed an investigation and arrested Crowder on Oct, 11. for the following charges:

Furnishing prohibited articles and impairing operations of vital public facility.