OH DEER: Welcome the newest member of the Memphis Zoo

Memphis, Tenn. — You may notice a new face when visiting the Memphis Zoo.

The zoo announced the birth of Gale, a Pere David’s Deer born at the Memphis Zoo on March 27.

Gale, named after the strong storms that blew through the Mid-South on the weekend of his birth, is on exhibit and ready to meet the public.

Even though the Pere David’s Deer is classified as extinct in the wild, according to IUCN Red List, Gale makes the second of the rare species to be born at the Memphis Zoo in the past year, zoo officials announced.

The Pere David’s Deer originates from China and were discovered by French missionary Father Armand David in 1865.

David found the last herd of these deer in a Chinese park and was able to send some to European zoos before flooding destroyed the remainder of the herd.

The deer survived and flourished in Europe and in 1985 the species was reintroduced back to China.