Ole Miss offers free COVID-19 testing as students head home for winter break

WATCH: Ole Miss offers free COVID-19 testing as students head home for winter break

OXFORD, Miss. — The coronavirus spandemic has led to many changes on college campuses including changing academic calendars.

At Ole Miss, students are in the middle of finals. Then they will head home for winter break.

The university is offering free COVID-19 testing to make sure students and staff don’t take the virus with them.

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In the parking lot of the Gertrude Ford Performing Arts Center, the University of Mississippi has set up a drive-thru testing center for students and staff.

Ole Miss Student Bella Nichols told FOX13 there is an extra reason to get tested before the holidays.

“My Grandparents live with me so I need to get tested before I go home though I don’t have any symptoms right now,” Nichols said.

Dylan Hunsucker said he is not getting tested before heading home to Olive Branch, but he said he is taking extra precautions.

“I just take some vitamins and stay healthy and if there is anything wrong with me I won’t go home at all,” Hunsucker said.

Ole Miss students told FOX13 there is an added stress with COVID-19 during this earlier than usual exam period.

“It’s a lot different,” Nichols said. “I’m thankful that exams are online this year. If they were not, I don’t know what I would be doing because of stress of just going home during a pandemic and having five exams to do - it’s just kind of difficult. But just being here knowing that you can get tested and know you are safe.”

The university said they will give the free asymptomatic COVID-19 tests through Wednesday.

Students and staff need to make an appointment online.

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