Ole Miss planning to handle ongoing pandemic as classes resume

Oxford, Miss. — Most Ole Miss students will finish moving in this weekend with classes starting Wednesday.

That means the population of Oxford is about to double. FOX13 looked into what precautions are in place as the pandemic continues to surge.

Two of the big ordinances that are off of Oxford city books are mask requirements for businesses and social gathering ordinances.

”I think that as long as people are vaccinated that smaller social gatherings are OK, but I would be more comfortable with people being careful about the size of gatherings because of the case numbers right now,” said H.G. Biggs, a student already back on campus.

She told us that she likes the fact that the university recently put a mask mandate back in place.

The City of Oxford did the same for all city-run buildings.

”I am totally fine with it. Delta variant cases have been going up I expected them to reinstate it.” Biggs said.

Senior Clinton Spencer told us that, no matter if certain ordinances are in place, people need to consider the health of people around them.

”I would ask each man, woman and child to think about their fellow brothers and sisters out here, about whether or not they make the best decision.” Spencer said.

Some city leaders told us they are not putting a mask mandate for all businesses or a social gathering ordinance in place because they are too hard to enforce.