Ole Miss professor ordered to repay money after joining in strike

WATCH: Ole Miss professor could lose job for taking part in nationwide two-day strike

OXFORD, Miss. — An Ole Miss professor was ordered to repay money after he took part in a Social Justice Strike by teachers across the country.

A letter was sent to Ole Miss by the State Auditor’s office after sociology professor James Thomas tweeted about the strike saying that he would be participating in the scholar strike for two days.

The state auditor sent a letter to the University of Mississippi pointing out that Thomas could be fired for the move and demanded he pays back the University for the two days work he missed.

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“So there is a state law here in Mississippi that specifically applies to school teachers and it makes it illegal to participate in strikes,” said Logan Reeves, the state auditor.

FOX13 reached out to Thomas for comment and went to his office on campus. We were told he was not in.

Students didn’t get what all the fuss is about.

“I don’t feel he should necessarily have to pay the money back or get fired for standing up against something,” student Edward Erb said.

“I don’t think he should be fired it would make a statement for sure, but that is his job, his life is on the line.” Student Lakynn Hillhouse said.

Ole Miss would not comment because it is a personnel matter.