Ole Miss Professor under fire after saying “China Flu” in classroom

OXFORD, Mississippi — An Ole Miss Journalism professor, who used the term “China Flu” in the classroom, says he is under fire by the University.

However, Professor Mark Brunson defended the use of the word on the Laura Ingraham show on FOX NEWS.

FOX13 spoke to Ole Miss journalism students about the professor’s choice of words.

All of the Journalism students we have talked to say they feel like professor Burson was out of line, but they couldn’t agree on what the punishment should be.

”I don’t think it’s right. Yes, it originated in China but it’s worldwide and I don’t think it should be associated specifically to that region.” Faith Houston said.

Journalism student Faith Houston says she wasn’t sure what should happen to the professor.

”Mmmm...I think it’s not right but also, I’m not sure,” Faith Houston said.

Journalism Student William Choate says it needs to be left up to those in charge.

”I mean the University has got to do what they see fit,” Choate said.

When we asked the University for a statement about Burson they say he is still on the schedule to teach in the Spring.

”And that is half true my graduate classes have been removed I fully expect the two classes I am on the schedule for in undergraduate will be removed as well,” Burson said.

Burson has said he continues to defend the use of the term even though the campus Equal Opportunity and Regulatory complaint office has met with him about it.

”I ask if the virus was from China, and she said yes and I asked if it was from China, and she said yes. And I asked if I violated any university policy and she said no but everyone knows it’s racist,” Burson said.

”Well, I think of somewhat of a derogatory term toward as a derogatory term toward Asian Americans and Asians in General I prefer the word Covid 19 rather than the China virus,” Student Joseph Welch said.

We reached out to Professor Brunson for comment, but haven’t heard back.