Ole Miss receives green light to relocate Confederate statue

OXFORD, Miss. — Another Confederate monument is on the way out.

The Mississippi College Board gave Ole Miss approval to move the statue from the heart of the campus to a secluded Confederate Cemetery.

Arielle Hudson is the co-author of the student body resolution to have the statue moved.

She said it took longer than expected to get the college board to approve the moving of the statue to the cemetery but she was glad they finally agreed.

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“I think it means they are aware of what is going on in our country today and how much of a necessary step this is,” said Hudson. “I hate that was for the university.”

Hudson added that she hoped moving the statue will send a welcoming message.

“Well I can’t speak for what it does for all African American students or students of color on campus but I would hope that it makes them more comfortable on campus,” Hudson said.

Hudson shared that she hoped the moving of the statue also serves to remove a sense of intimidation for some students on campus.

“That it shows them that they belong in that space and they deserve to be included and that they feel safe because the statue and the flag and the different names of buildings on campus they have too often served as rallying points for white supremacy groups and I hope it shows that our campus is not the type of place for that environment,” Hudson said.

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The statue was about a half-mile from University Circle. It’s will be moved to the Confederate Cemetery which is right behind Tad Smith Coliseum.

The move takes the statue out of a highly trafficked area on campus through which students regularly travel and will move it to an out of the way area.

Richard McNeer, an Oxford resident, believed the move is a good one.

“Hopefully it improves things, calms them down and keeps these Neo-Confederate groups off the campus,” McNeer said. “That’s needed.”

Greg Roman, an Oxford resident, believed this moved the school in the right direction.

“I think for an awful lot of people it will reinforce a good history of progressive action at the university and help us move forward and be more inclusive and more welcoming to all members of the Ole Miss community,” Roman said.

The date of the statue move has not been announced.