FRAT UNDER FIRE: Seven Ole Miss students charged with cyberstalking former fraternity member

OXFORD, Miss. — On Tuesday, the Oxford Police Dept. charged seven individuals at the University of Mississippi in a cyberstalking incident from Nov. 2.

On Dec. 3, the individuals were arrested and booked at the Lafayette County Detention Center.

“You read about it, you know, see it on TV. Like I said, you read about it, you never think it can happen close by,” said University of Mississippi student Braden Giddens.

The seven men were part of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, which has now been suspended until May 2025.

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This all started when a former fraternity member at Pi Kappa Alpha reported a hazing incident from 2020.

University of Mississippi student Jaycee Palmer told FOX13, “We (as a school) get painted in a bad light pretty often, in my opinion.”

Although she understands the situation, Palmer said it shouldn’t represent Ole Miss as a whole.

“When you come into the university, you’re met with love, unity, community,” she said.

Giddens said this is something people need to know happens.

“It can be homegrown, so to hear about it,” said Giddens, “It’s real polarizing, but it’s the acceptance, like I said, of deviance everywhere, and things like this can really happen.”

“We are doing what other universities may not have done in handling quick life situations,” said Palmer.

Giddens feels the university has done its part in addressing the worst.

“Best way to move forward is to be able to communicate that,” said Giddens. “Like I said, to acknowledge that things like this happen, and you got to take steps towards preventing it instead of sweeping it under the rug and acting like it doesn’t happen.”

Attempts were made to talk to the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity located in Memphis.

The University of Mississippi released a statement to FOX13 after reports of fraternity members being arrested for cyberstalking.

The Oxford Police Department said the seven Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity members were arrested on cyberstalking charges Friday after being suspended from campus in November.

The following individuals were each charged with felony Cyberstalking:

  • Nicholas Reynolds, 22
  • Wyatt Johnson, 20
  • Peyton Newcomb, 20
  • Christian Parten, 20
  • Walker Holden, 19
  • Cole Goretski, 20
  • Miles Baker, 19

Ole Miss spokesperson Lisa Stone said the university is aware of the charges and is cooperating with investigators and reviewing the matter internally.

The university could not comment on an active criminal investigation, Stone said.

All operations of the Gamma Iota chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha at the university were suspended until May 1, 2025.

“Hazing and related behavior, including cyberstalking, that put student health and safety at risk are contrary to the University of Mississippi Creed and will not be tolerated,” Stone said in a statement.

The seven students are accused of sending harassing emails and texts to a former fraternity member who reported hazing at the fraternity house in the fall.

After an initial court appearance, all posted a $5,000 bond and were released Friday.

The seven members charged with cyberstalking have a scheduled court date for Feb. 28.

Oxford police said this is still an ongoing investigation and further information may be released at a later date.

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