Ole Miss welcomes Kiffin with open arms

WATCH: Ole Miss welcomes Kiffin with open arms

OXFORD, Miss. — As the University of Memphis begins its search for a new football coach, down the road in Oxford, Miss., a new era for Ole Miss football began today.

Fans packed the pavilion on campus as the rebels introduced Lane Kiffin as the new head coach, replacing Matt Luke.

FOX13’s Tom reports fans said they like what they hear from their new coach and think he will turn things around.

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As the school announced, “your new head football coach Lane Kiffin,” you heard applause in the background.

The rebel faithful's welcome for Kiffin was a warm one, and it was among the first things he mentioned after taking the podium.

He spoke about getting off the plane in Oxford this weekend.

“I am extremely honored to stand here today, the support and excitement at the airport. Getting off the plane with thousands of people there,” Kiffin said.

Tolly Murff of Oxford said he liked what he heard from the coach.

“I am excited, I haven't seen this much hope on this campus since I was here 30 plus years ago,” he said.

Several rebel fans told us they are very excited about Coach Kiffin and like what he said when he said that recruits wanted to play for championships needed to come to Ole Miss.

“This is a partnership coming together that takes ole miss to a national level where we can go anywhere in the nation and get the best players and get them to play right here,” Kiffin said.

“I think he will do a great job,” said Milton Kuykendall, Ole Miss fan. “I think he is what the university needed, and he has really excited the fan base already.”

Kiffin coached Florida Atlantic to a conference USA Championship Saturday.

He’s also been head coach for the NFL’s Oakland Raiders, Southern California and of course, at the University of Tennessee for one season.