Man dies after shooting at Southaven Party Works store, police say

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — A man died after being shot Saturday morning at a party store in Southaven, Miss., police said.

The shooting happened around 11:30 a.m. at Party Works located in the 7000 block of Airways Blvd., Deputy Chief Mark E. Little with the Southaven Police Department said.

The man was taken to Baptist DeSoto Hospital but was pronounced deceased once he arrived, police said.

For some like Cliffton Carr, who lives nearby and stopped by Party Works hoping to pick up balloons for his wife’s birthday before seeing the “Closed for Emergency” sign, it was a stark reminder of how unpredictable any given day can be.

“You don’t wake up in the morning, see your family member, then they leave your house and think something like that is going to happen,” Carr said. “More than one life is ruined now. You have the person that has died and the person who did it, their life is obviously going to change dramatically.”

Southaven Police said the man who died was just 24 years old and from Memphis.

The gunman, police said, was driving a red Dodge Charger with black racing stripes down the middle and with “SRT” on the back glass.

Two women who were close to the store when the shots were fired said they were surprised to see this type of crime in this area.

“We don’t really have shootings out here. So, when there was as shooting in Southaven in a party works, it’s really surprising,” one woman said. "

If you’ve seen this car or know the person driving it, Southaven Police are urging you to call them at 662-393-8652 or email