Opportunities open for student-athletes to make a profit after NCAA decision

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s a new day for the NCAA.

Starting Thursday, student-athletes will be able to profit off their name, image, and likeness.

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The opportunities are far-reaching, including profiting off social media, autographs, and camps.

“It’s exciting,” Kylan Chandler said. “It’s a new forefront. Kennedy has an opportunity to be a pioneer for the NIL.”

Kylan Chandler, the father of Memphis native and top-ranked point guard Kennedy Chandler, said the flood gates have already opened.

“They inbox me,” Chandler said. “They inbox Kennedy on social media. They call all the time. Financial advisors, agents and so forth.”

Chandler said it’s clear college sports are now a business.

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“It definitely has become a business,” he said. “It’s great for the student to make a name off their name and likeness in reference to their brand. It’s def a great situation for upcoming athletes.”

Chandler said his son has already developed a following, with kids often asking for his autographs all over the country.

He said he’s learned that just off social media, Kennedy can make up to $200-$300,000.

The Chandler family is already ahead of the game. They created a logo and brand for Kennedy a couple of years ago, although they couldn’t profit off it.

Now, the possibilities for the “Chef Ken” brand are limitless.

“His Spanish teacher at Briarcrest is the one who came up with the word chef,” he said. “He always has said he’s always cooking on the floor. So Kennedy brought it to my attention, he said dad I think I want to start a “Chef Ken” brand.”

In this new frontier for college sports, Chandler said the pitch to potential business partners is simple.

“God first, family, clean character and he’s a winner,” he said. “That’s it.”