Orange Mound gym hopes to save lives through boxing

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A boxing program aims to teach kids in Orange Mound life lessons to help steer them away from crime.

A boxing coach said what teens learn in the ring will save their lives and keep them off the streets.

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At Law School MMA in Orange Mound, teens are learning how to take their frustration out in the boxing ring and not in the streets.

“I already have the power in my hands but I need the speed to keep up with these smaller more opponents,” said Adrion Miles, a 16-year-old Germantown High School student.

Roderick Duncan, who goes by Chef P, is one of the boxing coaches at Law School MMA. Duncan is teaching teens that weapons are never the solution to solving problems, but the boxing ring is.

“That’s people’s first choice now, a weapon,” said Duncan. “Here at Law School MMA, we show you a different approach. It’s not just about the weapon when actually you yourself are a weapon. Your whole mentality is a weapon and that’s what we want you to use first, your mind, your mentality.”

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Miles started coming to the ring three weeks ago. He knows firsthand what teens his age are going through. His cousin was murdered two years after getting shot in the head during a gunfight.

“There’s all too much violence in the world and we could all solve it by just getting in the ring.”

Duncan wants his students to walk away with important lessons about the program.

“It’s really not too much out there on the streets for the young youth to do to get in trouble and it’s that easy for them to get in trouble so if they’re here, I know that’s time spent away from negativity. More positive attitudes are being actually evolved into them,” Duncan said.

“It’s always ok to walk away. You don’t have to get in a fight in the streets, if you want it, come do it, in the ring though,” said Miles.

The goal is to teach students there’s no accomplishment in shooting each other, but there is an accomplishment in the ring.

If you would like to register for the program, call 901-721-5783. Click here to learn more information.