Orange Mound man works to encourage gang members to leave their affiliations

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An Orange Mound man, who says he has been arrested many times and shot at, is now giving back to communities plagued by violence.

His goal is to encourage people, including gang members, to avoid making the same mistakes that got him jail time.

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Keith Leachman wears a shirt with the names of 75 men he knows who lost their lives to senseless violence. That prompted Leachman to start “Stop the Killing, Cut the Beef.”

Leachman wants to reach gang members, especially children and others in the community.

“Maybe 11 years old, gang members, a lot of these young guys getting drafted, recruited, early and they don’t have a chance to grow,” he said.

Leachman hopes to encourage gang members to leave their affiliations. That’s why he’s working with several organizations to help bring much-needed help to neighborhoods, including 50 to 100 jobs like landscaping, roofing and construction.

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