Organization asks SCHD to allow churches to become vaccination sites

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Southern Christian Leadership Conference announced Wednesday that they’re asking the Shelby County Health Department if they would allow churches to become vaccination sites.

“There are more people dying on a daily basis than even during the Civil War, Vietnam so we must step forward. We want to make our facilities available. We call on the community for every pastor, every church and organization to assist,” said SCLC Vice President Sam Blount.

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The announcement comes after members of the Memphis City Council sent letters to the clergy recommending that they participate in the effort to fight the virus.

“We must work together to solve this problem. I have members of my very church that have had COVID. They were fortunate enough, and God blessed them to pull through. I know for a fact that if the vaccine was available here that they would come, follow their pastor and get vaccinated right here on Ely Street,” said SCLC Chapter President Walter Womack.

The conference is waiting for a response from the Health Department and will notify their respective community members if approved. They hope every church and organization in the city will offer their workspace to help save the lives of those suffering from COVID-19.