‘Outside the Lorraine’ photography exhibit opens at National Civil Rights Museum

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — ‘Outside the Lorraine,’ a photography exhibition, is opening today at the National Civil Rights Museum.

Outside the Lorraine: A Photographic Journey to a Sacred Place highlights the museum as a mecca for peacemakers and a place of memory and connection during the museum’s 30th anniversary, according to a release from NCRM.

The yearlong exhibition will run through April 2022.

The exhibition features the work of David Katzenstein, who has created narrative imagery for fine art exhibitions, global corporate giants and philanthropic organizations.

The collection includes over 90 photos to help visitors identify with social issues and each other, the release said.

From the release:

The idea began in 2017 when Katzenstein returned to the museum with his family. He noticed how people were spending a lot of time in the courtyard, before ever entering the museum. He spent 20 minutes capturing images and observing how, in this sacred place, families, individuals, friends, and strangers experienced personal relationships within the collective narrative – a shared human experience of deep loss, grief, triumph, hope, and change. He introduced his project to the exhibit designer and curator, Gay Feldman.

The courtyard is the first stop museum visitors confront assumptions about the Civil Rights Movement. The photographs in this exhibit convey unspoken messages that inform and influence how people understand today’s world. A picture is worth a thousand words.

The fine art exhibition is included with museum admission.

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