Over 15K could lose power when MLGW’s moratorium ends today

MEMPHIS,Tenn. — Over 15,000 people could lose power when MLGW’s moratorium ends today.

Back in March, MLGW suspended disconnections and waived late fees in April.

“Everybody needs help during hard times right now, it ain’t right,” said James Johnson.

Johnson said he will be fine, but he’s worried about several of his family members who might get their power cut off.

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“It’s very dangerous being in those hothouses like they don’t care," Johnson said. “Imagine if they were in a hothouse and someone disconnected them, they don’t know how it feel.”

MLGW said over 15,000 customers will be cut off when the moratorium ends.

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Those customers owe at least $22.5 million in late fees.

“It’s still hard out, not everyone jumped out and got on the right track yet,” Johnson said.

MLGW said there are resources to help people who are struggling to pay their bills like the MIFA MLGW Plus One Program.

There is also another program called the Shelby County Community Service Agency.

Both programs offer assistance based on certain income criteria.

Still, Johnson said he’s worried about what might happen if his family members don’t get help

“They don’t care who it is, it could be senior citizens they don’t care who it is they don’t have feelings or nothing for nobody,” Johnson said.