Over 200 healthcare workers get COVID-19 vaccines in Panola County

WATCH: Over 200 healthcare workers get COVID-19 vaccines in Panola County

PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — More than 200 healthcare workers got vaccinated against COVID-19 in Panola County Wednesday.

FOX13 spoke with the County’s Emergency Operations Director about why these vaccinations are so critical for the county.

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While outside the front of the Panola County Health Department, we could see National Guardsman leaning into cars in the drive-thru line to give the vaccinations to the healthcare workers.

Panola County Emergency Operations Director Daniel Cole spoke to the critical nature of the vaccinations.

“If we don’t have healthcare workers that are healthy and can take care of the need that we have, where do you go?” Cole asked.

The vaccinations are important here in Panola County because the county has been hit and it has been hit hard by the coronavirus.

“We’ve had an excess of 3,000 confirmed cases since the beginning and 71 deaths that covid contributed to either with complications and in a community our size that hits home,” Cole said.

Cole shared with us that with a small hospital in Panola County, if pressure is put on the healthcare system here, it is felt elsewhere.

“We have our local clinics and our local doctors offices who we depend on and you have a local hospital that does everything it can do and their services are increasing regularly. Then we have Oxford and DeSoto County that we depend on, and everyone’s beds are filling up.”

With those beds filling up, the need to keep healthcare workers well is increasingly critical.

The Panola County Health Department and National Guard will vaccinate another two hundred and ten healthcare workers on Friday.