Thousdands without power in the Mid-South following severe storms


Entergy Mississippi is reporting 4,975 outages.

The majority are in Lincoln and Pike counties.

Across Arkansas, over 11,000 customers do not have electricity, mostly in the central region of the state.

Power has been restored to most MLGW customers at this time.

10 customers are still without power.


Over 20,000 outages are reported in Mississippi at this time, according to

Outages are mainly affections in the southernmost areas of the state, from Hattiesburg to the Louisiana state line.

Numbers have no changed across Arkansas.

In Shelby County, MLGW is reporting 100 customers without power, mostly in an area of North Memphis.

UPDATE: 10:15 A.M.

7,706 Entergy customers are without power across Mississippi.

Over 13,000 customers have no power in Arkansas.

MLGW is reporting 183 customers without power, mainly affecting the Midtown area and an area in North Memphis.

UPDATE: 7:45 A.M.

Entergy Arkansas is reporting over 15,000 customers without power.

Over 9,000 Entergy customers are without power across Mississippi.

40,000 are without power across the state, according to Governor Tate Reeves.

In Memphis, 97 customers are without power, according to MLGW.

The outages are primarily affecting the Midtown area.


Over 23,000 people and businesses are without power after severe storms and damaging winds blew through the Mid-South Friday night.

As of 6 a.m., Entergy is reporting 13,855 people in Arkansas without power.

In Ouachita County, over 6,000 customers have no electricity.

Report an Entergy outage by calling 1-800-968-8243 (1-800-9OUTAGE).

The storms brought heavy rain, strong wind gusts and lightning.

A rope tornado was spotted by a FOX13 viewer in Nebo, Ark. in northwest Gibson County. At this time no outages are reported in the county.

In Mississippi, over 10,000 are without power.

The most heavily affected area is Pike County, where over 3,000 have no electricity early Saturday morning.

The National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning for parts of North Mississippi Friday evening.

In Tennessee, much of the FOX13 viewing area was under severe thunderstorm warnings as heavy rain and lightning moved in.

This morning, MLGW is reporting no power outages.