Over 34,000 children ages 1-10 have been infected with COVID in Mississippi

HERNANDO, Miss. — In the State of Mississippi, more than 34,000 children ages 1-10 have been infected with COVID-19.

Four of them have died, according to the state department of health.

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Within weeks, a Pfizer vaccine for children ages five to eleven could be approved. FOX13 spoke to a Mid-South doctor and to parents in the Magnolia state about whether they would give it to their kids.

Doctor Odilichi Ezanwanne said he is already seeing parents ask about the vaccination for children ages 5-11.

”Major question is should I be giving this to my kid and what are the risks involved. This is a vaccine that rigorous research has gone into it to determine if it’s safe and at what dose are we going to administer it at,” Dr. Ezenwanne said.

Dr. Ezanwanne with the Aaron E Henry Clinic in Tunica County said that if the vaccine passes FDA and CDC approval it could be available by Nov. 3rd and it will be administered as a third of the dose for those ages 12 and above.

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Hernando mother of four Megan Messer said she doesn’t care. She doesn’t like it.

”I, as an adult, do not have it. It’s really hard to make my child get something they don’t really need. They are immune to more than we are as an adult. So, I don’t feel it’s necessary,” Messer said.

Shulinda Gordon, a mother of two from Tunica, felt just the opposite.

”I think that is absolutely wonderful that they can get the vaccine at that age and keep them safe also,” Gordon said.

Dr. Ezenwanne said the vaccine, if approved for children, could stop an incredible amount of suffering.

”The important thing to remember is that COVID is a reality and that September proved to us that kids were not immune. At the height of this in September, we had a quarter of million new cases of kids. We have had hospitalizations and sadly some deaths of some children,” Dr. Ezenwanne said.