Overflowing trash bins emptied for the first time in weeks

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some Cordova residents finally had their trash picked up for the first time in weeks Wednesday.

After nearly two weeks of overflowing trash bins lining the streets of some Cordova neighborhoods, the City of Memphis and Waste Pro sanitation workers teamed up to clear it all away.


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“I’m just now getting back in. I didn’t know they picked it up today but see they have. I’m happy about that,” said Cordova resident Sid McMillan.

While people are happy they can finally see the bottom of their trash bins, they’re hoping this isn’t just a temporary fix.

“Overall the trash situation is not the best,” Chris Shotwell told FOX13. “There are too many incidents where they will be late.”

People in this community say late pick-ups are a constant issue under Waste Pro, an outside contractor. City leaders may move to terminate their contract with the company next month.

“I just want a standard of them coming each week and picking up trash,” said Shotwell.

FOX13 reached out to Waste Pro several times, but we have not heard back.