Overton Park sees major tree loss after Saturday’s storms


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This weekend’s storms have officially moved out of the area, but the cleanup efforts are just beginning all throughout the Mid-South.

Now that the rain has stopped, we went to Midtown Memphis to see how folks are face the aftermath.

“I’ve seen quite a few over here,” said Wyatt Craig, frequent Overton Park goer. “There was a couple on cooper that were down.”

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Road, trail, and drainage blockages, those are just some of the issues Overton Park faces.

A weekend post on Overton Park’s Facebook page said they quote “sustained significant tree loss,” which is something park visitors are already see.

“When you pull into the park off Poplar, over there was a big one in the road and only one could get in at a time,” Craig said. “It’s still in the road over there but I guess the city pushed it to the side.”

Craig told us he comes to the park once or twice a week.

Like many other regulars, he said he and his dog get a lot of use out of the park and urges folks to volunteer if they can.

“If anybody could come out and help and volunteer, I think it would be a great thing,” he said.

According to Overton Park’s Facebook page, the park receives $150,000 per year from the city, which is only 15 percent of what it costs to operate the park.

People with the park said storm cleanup is one of their biggest expenses in managing the park and a single event like this, can easily surpass $10,000 in cleanup costs.

People like Craig told us they’re thankful the damage wasn’t worse.

“It could have been anybody, you know? We’re fortunate that nothing happened to our place,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot on Facebook and stuff.”

Park officials ask if you can donate, to do so on their website.

Overton Park sustained significant tree loss in this morning's storm, causing some road, trail, and drainage blockages....

Posted by Overton Park on Saturday, January 11, 2020