Owners of troubled Serenity Towers back in court following Code Enforcement inspection

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The owners of a troubled Memphis apartment community headed back to court Tuesday following a Code Enforcement inspection.

FOX13 has been covering the situation at Serenity Towers for weeks after residents exposed dire conditions including no A/C, no hot water, mold, and other problems.

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On Monday, the City’s Code Enforcement conducted an inspection to compile a report of all violations observed.

Many residents told FOX13 they’re concerned about a lack of air conditioning as temperatures climb this week.

The Mid-South is under a heat advisory with highs in the 90s and a heat index into the 100s.

Last week, one person died at the complex.

The death is under investigation, and the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office has asked for an autopsy.

Assistant District Attorney Mike McCusker said he’s requesting a report from the coroner’s office to confirm the person’s death was not connected to the ongoing problems at Serenity Towers.

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During Tuesday’s court hearing, Code Enforcement told a judge they’ve received over 80 complaints of units that still do not have working A/C.

Over 90 units are reportedly still without hot water.

The judge said he needed Code Enforcement to confirm each complaint before making a ruling.

McCusker called the situation a “crazy mess.”

“These are human beings who are suffering, and you have several people,” he said.

McCusker said leaders are trying to get residents relief.

An attorney for Serenity Towers told the judge that new issues with air and hot water came up within the last week.

McCusker said there are also health concerns with Code Enforcement even entering the building.

“It’s a difficult situation because every time they go out there there are health concerns,” he said. “One employee went out there, only to the lobby, and left with bed bugs.”

Following confirmation of the complaints, a judge could issue a fine to the apartment community.

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