Oxford outdoor dining grows amidst COVID-19 restrictions

WATCH: Oxford outdoor dining grows amidst COVID-19 restrictions

OXFORD, Miss. — The number of restaurants adding patios for outdoor dining in Oxford continues to grow as businesses look for a way to make money amidst COVID-19 restrictions.

What started with eight patios grew to 18 in the last week.

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Restaurant owners and managers have a plan to carry it through the cold weather months by ordering heaters.

“When it gets cold we have heaters already ordered and they will put them out here, they will have two or three to keep people warm. You still have to dress warm and sit outside and I think they will,” said Peyton Attaway, manager of Funky’s Pizza.

No matter the cold, at least two restaurant owners believe customers will wrap up and take it as a new dining experience.

In some cases, the cold won’t stop anyone.

“I don’t think it will at all. I think people will come sit by the heater outside and t has a vibe at nighttime, people walk by and they can watch people walk by while sitting outside,” Attaway said.

For now, the patios will be out through December but there is talk about them possibly making them permanent because of the business they have drawn in and the mood they have created.

“I think it just created a sense of football season in Oxford and kind of changed the vibe with everyone and the pandemic, Everyone is just really excited and wants to keep it,” Attaway said.