Oxford puts Christmas lights up early to attract visitors

WATCH: Oxford puts Christmas lights up early to attract visitors

OXFORD, Miss. — Businesses in Oxford have suffered big time because of the limited capacity for Ole Miss football games.

Even the cancellation of Saturday’s road game because of COVID at Texas A&M means another hit to bars where fans typically watch the games.

FOX13 found out the city hopes turning Christmas lights on Tuesday night could help.

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Becky Lynn Miller of Oxford has already been to the Square three times in the last week and the lights weren’t even on yet, she just came to see the decorations.

“I love Christmas, I love the lights, it just makes me feel festive and happy inside,” Miller said. “So I like to go somewhere just to see the lights.”

Part of the idea behind getting Christmas lights up and decorations up here early in Oxford is getting more people downtown.

“Puts you in the spirit and people need things to do and the lights just get you in the spirit. I have bought some Christmas presents last time I was down here at Nielsons because you start getting ideas and you see lights and you are like Christmas is coming and I better get with it.” Miller said.

The mayor and several business owners said there has already been an increase in business traffic because of the lights already going up.

“Oh they are beautiful even at noontime, they are beautiful, I love Christmas so yeah I come down here just to see the lights.”

The lights are on at the square as of 4:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

The mayor said the hope is that students going on an extended break from Ole Miss over Thanksgiving will also have more time to take in the lights before heading home.