Parents have mixed reviews on SCS’s decision to delay in person learning

WATCH: Parents react to SCS delaying the return to in-person learning

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Parents of Shelby County Schools children are reacting to the decision to keep students in virtual learning at home until at least February.

Superintendent Joris Ray announced last week the plans to return students to the classroom in January has been moved back again. Some parents applaud the decision saying the virtual learning is working and there is no reason to change.

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“This is an adjustment for everyone,” parent Veda Cherry said.

As a mother of two, Cherry knows the difficulties that come with online learning.

“They do miss the in-person and interaction with their friends, but they’ve adjusted to the limited interactions they are able to have right now,” she said.

Cherry also serves as the president of the White Station High School Partners in Education.  She says she stands behind the district’s decision.

“Even though the vaccine is going to be administered soon, it will take time,” she said. “For the safety of our kids, I think it is the right thing to do.”

Others say there is learning loss when students do not come into the classroom.

“I think they would do much better in class, and my mind would probably be clearer, too, than having them at home,” parent Sarah Carpenter said.

Carpenter has two grandchildren in the district.

From a safety standpoint, she also agrees with the district’s decision. But says she does worry about the strain it puts on parents.

“Of course parents are struggling and have to go to work,” she said. “They don’t have anyone to keep their kids.”

The current plan is to keep SCS students at home until at least February.

“We just have to help each other out and be there for each other when we can, to help us get through this thing,” Carpenter said.

The children in Shelby County schools are the only ones in the entire state of Tennessee not getting at least some in-classroom education.

FOX13 asked to talk with superintendent Ray about the decision. We’ve not heard back on that request.

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