Parents pick up children in emotional reunion following Memphis school shooting

Memphis, Tenn. — It was an anxious couple of hours for students and their families as they waited to be reunited.

Busloads of children from Cummings Elementary went to Metropolitan Baptist Church a few blocks East of the school following the shooting on Thursday.

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It was emotional. We watched as about 13 busloads of kids were brought here to the church. Emotional yes, but those emotions ranged from joy to anger.

”As long as we have been going to this school, this has never happened ever. I am just glad everyone is safe though,” Latrice Clark said.

Clark told us she was happy, like most of the parents here, just to be reunited with her kids.

”I just feel better. I am just relieved. That’s all,” she said.

One by one and group by group, the students were reunited with their parents, leaving hand in hand.

”I hugged them and just tried to get to the car,” Clark said.

Mother Latonya Lewis was angry. She told us she wants answers. Her daughters are 6 and 8 years old. She said they are scared and she is worried about them having nightmares.

”Uh, I am planning on not letting my kids go back to this school. Because, how you let someone get into the school to do anything? And, these are elementary schools. It’s not a high school. Anybody could have gotten hit by a bullet. My baby could have gotten hit by a bullet if he just came in the school shooting,” Lewis said.

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The students were shuttled to Metropolitan Baptist Church where parents waited outside in the rain to pick up their kids.

That church responded quickly to the need, the pastor told us, because they work closely with the community and the school.