Parents push for more resource officers following school shooting

School safety is front and center for students, teachers, and families within the Shelby County Schools district.

Many parents are pushing for more resource officers inside the schools after the shooting inside Cummings K-8 School on Thursday.

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“It seems like when I’m going into the schools, I’m seeing less officers,” said Frances McNeil. “Especially in some areas. We really need them probably in all areas. It can happen anywhere.”

McNeil is concerned about her granddaughter, who goes to an SCS school. She wants the district to add more resource officers to deter active shooter situations and other crimes.

“I have friends who are anti-police in the schools. They don’t believe in it, and I’m like okay, so what are we supposed to do,” said McNeil.

Right now, SCS has one resource officer for each high school and middle school, while elementary schools located close together share an officer.

Superintendent Dr. Joris Ray said he wants a “peace force,” which is basically a district-run police department.

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“We talk about safety on a daily basis. We monitor and comb the data on a daily basis,” said Dr. Ray. “Schools are a microcosm of the community. This is a community issue we must solve together.”

The school district also discussed metal detectors.

An SCS spokesperson said metal detectors are used every day to search random students and their bags.

FOX13 found out metal detectors were used Thursday morning at Cummings K-8 School.

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Other middle schools and high schools have walk-through metal detectors.

McNeil hopes more measures are added soon so they can avoid future active shooter situations.

“This is sad. A child had to get shot to wake people up,” said McNeil.