“Parents should also realize that even sparklers are dangerous,” MFD spokesperson says

?Parents should also realize that even sparklers are dangerous,? MFD spokesperson says

DESOTO, Miss. — With many fireworks shows across the Mid-South canceled because of the coronavirus, a lot of people are putting on their own shows.

Boomcity fireworks in DeSoto County is seeing a lot of foot traffic ahead of the 4th of July.

The fire department is asking people to be careful so they don’t start any fires.

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“Oh I’m so excited. I got this Donald Trump firework,” said Jimmy Bryant. “Went back got another one, and this multiple shot over here. They are absolutely fabulous.”

This is Bryant’s second time at Boomcity in DeSoto County this week, and he’s back after blazing through all of his fireworks.

“I’ve lit up a bunch of them, but I’m going to light up more tonight,” he said.

Bryant said he is stocking up on fireworks.

“Usually I go to fireworks shows, but this year they aren’t having any, so I’ve loaded up on fireworks to have a good nice family picnic and shoot my fireworks,” he told FOX13.

While customers pile fireworks into their baskets. The Memphis Fire Department asks people to be careful.

“Always have a source of water or water hose in case there is a mishap,” said Lt. Wayne Cooke with the MFD.

The fire department also encourages people not to stand directly over fireworks when lighting them, and never let kids light fireworks without adult supervision.

“Parents should also realize that even sparklers are dangerous,” he added.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, fireworks on average cause up to 25,000 fires, and more than nine thousand injuries each year.

Information shoppers said they will keep this in mind while enjoying the fourth.

“Just a little something for my kids to have for the fourth,” said Georgetta Granger. “Have a little fun.”