Parents take advantage of COVID-19 vaccine for their kids

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As parents approached the Shelby County Health Department Thursday, they all had a common goal: getting my children vaccinated.

Some kids were rewarded for their good behavior.

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Katherine Pratcher, a parent in the Memphis area, says she thinks other parents should do the same.

“I feel like everybody should bring their children out, five and over, to get the shot,” says Pratcher.

In the weekly Covid Task Force briefing, Dr. Michelle Taylor with the Shelby County Health Department says parents should not worry about vaccinating their kids.

She also stated that some of the safety trials took place in Memphis at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“If we know we can prevent that in the majority of our children who get the vaccine, why wouldn’t we do it?” says Taylor.

Taylor mentioned this vaccine specifically has been tested time and time again.

Local school officials, like Superintendent of Millington Municipal Schools, James Griffin, say the decision does fall on parents.

“It’s a parent’s decision, and we’ll go from there,” says Griffin, “If their parents want their children to get it, great. If they don’t, we’re still going to be open, and we’re still going to take them.”

Taylor says they’re constantly in talks with local schools to figure out the next move.

Griffin says they’re happy to work with the health department if it helps improve the community.

“If it’s something that can help our community, and make it better, then we’d do everything we can to help,” says Griffin.