Parkway Village residents pushing for neighborhood speed bumps

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Parkway Village residents have been demanding speed bumps in their neighborhood since March.

The push came after a homeowner’s Ring camera captured countless incidents where speeders put residents in danger.

That includes video of a car hitting a child and speeding off, a car doing donuts and speeding off, and a car hitting a parked car and speeding off.

Those separate incidents happened at Judy Lynn Avenue and Summerhurst Avenue.

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“Cause you got kids running around here, they crossing the street, you never know what might happen, so my point of view, I think we need some speed bumps,” said Parkway Village resident Detarium Boyd.

A spokeswoman with the City of Memphis says homeowners can request the city install speed bumps. The request then goes through the residential request program for evaluation.

FOX13 showed that Ring camera video to Memphis police.

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A spokesman with the Memphis Police Department said they are aware of the issue. They have officers who will come to neighborhoods specifically to look for speeders.

They encourage you to reach out to your local precinct if you experience this problem.